Ch Song Sung Blue Golddust, WW'14

  • Titels:WORLD WINNER 2014 HELSINKI, WORLD VICE YOUTH WINNER 2009 STOCKHOLM, FCI International Beauty Champion, American Champion, Finnish Champion, Danish Champion, Czech Champion, Estonian Champion, Lithuanian Champion, Grand Russian Champion, Russian Champion, Russian Junior Champion, 4 RKF Champion Whippet Club Winner Saint Petersburg, Multi SBIS, Veteran Winner Donaueschingen 2016
  • Sire:Muti Ch Bohem Time Flies, WW'06
  • Dame:Starline's Limited Edition
  • Whelped:20-08-2007
  • Bred by:Rita Vanhaeren & Gilbert Simal
  • Owned by:Marina Slepneva (Flymarin Whippets, Russia)
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Dandy is by the most spectaclar american bloodlines : Bohem and Starline.  It was in 2007 I got a message from Bo Bengtson that a Russian person was looking for a whippet : Marina Slepneva.
Marina had seen our Timmy, Multi Ch Bohem Time Flies WW06, in Poznan the year before.  She was there with her first whippet Fly.  She felt in love with Timmy....  When the puppies were born, I contacted her.  She was intrested in a puppy male.   She came over to our home a took Dandy with her to Saint Petersburg in Russia.  As Marina wasn't handling her whippets herself, I asked her to learn.  Which she did in perfection. Dandy won a lot of shows, in Russia, in the Nordic lands, and all over Europe.  During the Worldshow in Sweden in 2008, he became Vice Youth Winner.  In 2009, Bo Bengtson invited Dandy and Marina to come over to California.  He gained his AKC Chamion titel in style. He continued his showcarreer in Europe.  It was in 2014 he stepped in his sire's foodprints : he became World Winner 2014 Helsinki.
I am very proud of Dandy and all his achievements, thanks to his owner Marina Slepneva.


At stud for suitable bitches. 


Pedigree of Multi Ch Song Sung Blue Golddust

      Ch Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford
    Ch Bohem Flight Time  
      Ch Bohem Delacreme
  Ch Bohem Time Flies, WW'06    
      Ch Starline's Reign On
    Ch Bohem All About Eve  
      Ch Bohem Of Thee I Sing
Ch Song Sung Blue Golddust      
      Ch Starline's Reign On
    Ch Starline's Take The Reigns  
      Ch Wenrick's Vanity Fair
  Starline's Limited Edition    
      Ch Nasusa Cacique
    Ch Starline's Strike A Pose  
      Ch Starline's Tapestry



  • Song Sung Blue Golddust x Charlamar Redcliffe Waltz Time

    born : 01.01.2016   -    (2 Males - 5 Bitches)  - Pedigree


    Уиппет  Whippet

  • Song Sung Blue Golddust x Anahita Arva S  Honda Wei   

    born : 27.05.2015   -    (5 Males - 4 Bitches)  - Pedigree

    Amber Veiv'C Beckham
    Amber Veiv'C Bartolomeo
    Amber Veiv'C Berstain
    Amber Veiv'C Brodway
    Amber Veiv'C Bruklin
    Amber Veiv'C Barcelona
    Amber Veiv'C Bavariya
    Amber Veiv'C Benfica

    picture of dog    
  • Song Sung Blue Golddust x Skorostnaya Ursula Disl

    born : 01.10.2013   -    (6 Males - 3 Bitches)  - Pedigree

    Favorite Racer
    Finn Flare      
    Fire Wolf
    Fleck of Sunlight
    Fluorite Soul
    Fortunate Son
    Fiery Fast
    Felicity for you
    Funny Hanny

    picture of dog    
  • Song Sung Blue Golddust x Charlamar's Paisley at Redcliffe     

    born : 03.08.2013   -    (1 Male - 2 Bitches)  - Pedigree

    Charlamar Redcliffe Oh Happy Day
    Charlamar Redcliffe Happy Talk
    Charlamar Redcliffe Happy Hour at Winsmith

    picture of dog    
  • Song Sung Blue Golddust x Counterpoint Guine Risk

    born : 19.04.2013   -    (1Bitch)  - Pedigree

    Counterpoint From Russia with Love

    picture of dog    
  • Song Sung Blue Golddust x Sagramour Samang

    born : 18.04.2010   -    (3 Males - 2 Bitches)  - Pedigree

    Villituulen Valentino Baloni
    Villituulen Veyron      
    Villituulen Viper
    Villituulen Valkyrie
    Villituulen Vantage

    picture of dog    
  • Song Sung Blue Golddust x Anahita Arva S Kurbi's Star 

    born : 08.03.2010   -    (2 Males - 3 Bitches)  - Pedigree

    Istoriya Lubvi Glorious Guardian
    Istoriya Lubvi Graf Monte Cristo
    Istoriya Lubvi Gardarica
    Istoriya Lubvi Germiona
    Istoriya Lubvi Guttiera

    picture of dog    

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