Ch Song Sung Blue Orleans Jazztime

  • Titels:FCI International Beauty Champion, Lux Champion, Rheinland Pfalz Sieger 2018
  • Sire:Dumbriton Lord of the Dance
  • Dame:Song Sung Blue Inpearls
  • Whelped:21.09.2015
  • Bred by:Rita Vanhaeren & Gilbert Simal
  • Owned by:Rita Vanhaeren & Gilbert Simal
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At stud for suitable bitches.


Pedigree of Song Sung Blue Orleans Jazztime

      Ch Sportingfields Jazz Fest
    Ch Rivarco Classic Jazz WW02  
      Ch Rivarco First Lady
  Dumbriton Lord of the Dance    
      Hillsdown Bombadier
    Elleonia Dancer at Dumbriton  
      Elleonia Sky Dancer

Song Sung Blue Orleans Jazztime
Int Ch, Lux Ch

      Ch Bohem Flight Time
    Ch Bphem Time Flies WW06  
      Ch Bohem All About Eve
  Song Sung Blue Inpearls    
      Ch Summit Autumn Gabardine
    Chelsea The Reason Why  
      Ch Chelsea Dangerous Beauty